SIDEis is an innovative roadway, tunnel, pedestrian and architectural outdoor LED luminaire conceived to be installed on low supports (low poles, guard rails, cabletrays, bollards) to assure high luminance and illuminance levels on wide areas.

LED luminaire
    for street lighting

SIDEis is designed around its patented optical group, made of a polymeric transparent injection moulded lightguide and a multi-source PCB. This system allows to comply the most severe European standards in roadway and tunnel lighting despite its very low mounting height.

As option, different LED groups on source PCB, separately dimmable, give SIDEis the possibility to create several lighting scenarios and photometric distributions, simply by remote control (adaptive photometrics).
Transversal asymmetric and road longitudinal distributions are the basic ones.

On demand SIDEis can be equipped with additional reporting LED modules in amber and red colour, becoming a configurable road flasher in presence of fog, accidents, queues and each sort of danger.

Photometric features of these modules allow the luminaire to achieve L2L class according to EN 12352:2006 standard (warning and safety light). 

Each luminaire is able to dialogue with the contiguous ones in order to obtain specified signal sets, such as whip effect for instance.

For its compactness SIDEis can be installed at the roadside even where space is so limited: it can be perfectly inserted inside most guard rail profiles, and for its so restrained weight not represent further danger in case of accident.
Its body in die-cast aluminum ensures proper heat sinking to the electronic components on board maximizing their lifecycle. External surface is powder coated for optimal resistance in aggressive environment.

model street

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material and finish | aluminum, metal grey
dimensions | 102 x 61 x 76 mm
weight | 335 g
IP rating | IP66
label | CE 
operating conditions | -40°/+50°

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nominal voltage | driver on board @48 Vdc
insulation class | III
control options | DALI, DMX
EMC | EN 55015 compliant

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power consumption | from 13W up to max 17W
output flux | for 4000K 70CRI @350mA = 1440lm
efficacy | for 4000K 70CRI @350mA = 105lm/W

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Light Source

source | multi-chip LED board
CCT | 2200, 2700, 3000, 4000, 5700 K
colour rendering index | >=70
colour consistency | SDCM 3
lifetime of LEDs @ Ta 25° | 50000 h L90 B10

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Optical and Photometry

optical group | patented lightguide lens
material and finish | transparent PMMA
photometrical distribution | roadway transversal,
roadway longitudinal, adaptive
photobiological risk group | RG1

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installation options | low pole, cabletray, guard rail, bollard, wall
suggested mounting heights | 0,83 – 1 mt
orientation | -10°+10° tilt or right/left rotation

what you need

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data sheets

Find here the product spec sheets with the standard version technical data. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a specific need, we want to satisfy it because SIDEis is by your side.
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SIDEis is designed to be installed at very low heights, on low supports (from 80 to 100 cm). It can either be inserted into the guard rail on roads and highways, mounted with a bracket on walls, on a short pole for cycle lanes and bridges, on pre-existing poles for pedestrian crossings. Any request has its own solution and precise mounting instructions. Here you can find main standard options, contact us for your needs.
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In order not to print and remain sustainable, you can download our documents and marketing tools here. Above all, you will be able to view practical information in our application video clips (COMING SOON). For specific calculation sheets, certifications and test reports contact us.