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By your Side it is

Experience,quality and advanced
technology all in one product,
our SIDEis, an innovative LED
lighting concept to trust while making
the difference.

Lateral Thinking

Led luminaires have brought tremendous savings in roadway and tunnel lighting. We have been a part of it for many years. But it was only about the light source itself. It was like putting a brand new heart in an old body. It was time to rethink lighting as a whole getting rid of the poles, the last remaining dinosaurs in the world of roadway lighting. Not an easy task, considering that poles have been there for the last 200 years.

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the new H2H (Understanding human-level performance)

It is the essence of light, the essence of led. In its capability of improving th way we use light, in its reduced size and its intelligent behaviours. It is an eye to driver safety, to a safe maintenance, with a luminaire so well positioned below the driver eyes…

size MATTERS…. or does it?

Using less to deliver more, SIDEis stand for dematerialization, the first ingredient to help environment. Its size is all about XXXXX. Measuring only 10cm by 7cm and 0.3kg weight, SIDEis  is smaller than most of the smartphones on the market. Shaped to be installed anywhere needed, hidden in guardrail or directly to the tunnel walls, It significantly reduces the amount of heavy materials needed to light a road and a tunnel. Not only,in case of product failure ( in anything goes wrong, in case of accidental failure) you can always keep a safety stock in your pocket. 

Bad weather doesn’t exist when you have the best equipment by your side 

Exceeding safety standards,SIDEis is all in one luminaire. Weatherproof lighting, immediate detection of road perimeters, optical guide to enhance motorway junctions, improved visibility in conflict zones, driver alert in case of accidents or poorvisibility ( unexpected traffic blocks), tunable optic(photometry,distribution) for  on site adjustments. All in one luminaire whit an eye to connectivity…. 

Leave the old road for the new one

A futuristic concept for connectivity in smart infrastructures by an on-board electronic system for data communication. SIDEis can include a number of sensors for multiple purposes to become an adaptive lighting system; in the next future it can function to detect the geolocalization of connected autonomous vehicles through a compatible Protocol equipment.​

leave the world in a better shape than you​
found it

A sustainable product or its construction long lasting recyclable materials. With SIDEis scattering is extremely reduced in cases like rain, fog or mist as its light distributes with major utilance, offering a better perception of the illuminates surfaces avoinding in case of road junctions to disturb main carriageway users. Definetely a minor light dispersion than with the beam from the pole.​



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