In December 2020 we illuminated 11 tunnels in Levante area in Liguria.

It consists of 7 km of former railway tunnels from the 1800s, high and very narrow, with dark walls of bare rock. The vault presented serious structural problems so the existing lighting had to be dismantled and replaced. The client identified SIDEis as the best technological solution, due to the simplicity of installation and the possibility of lighting the road and delimiting the perimeter of the tunnel with a single lighting body.

From concept to reality

The roadway is characterized by 11 tunnels, with alternating two-way traffic, for a total of 6658 metres in the tunnel and 2088 metres of open sections.

This type of road was classified as ME3; for a one-way street this leads to an internal luminance value to be maintained equal to 1.50 cd / m2.

The efficiency project involves the use of a 13W SIDEis every 7.2 metres on one side of the tunnel to achieve the required parameters.

In tunnels with a length > 1000 metres, a product for the lighting of the vaults is also added, again from 13W, every 14.4 metres, always on the same side of the tunnel.

This results in a total installed of 1199 luminaires, for a total annual consumption of 140,743.4 kWh.